Prime Time Little Cigars Watermelon


PRIMETIME WATERMELON:  Who doesn’t love summertime? Sunny days by the pool, barbeques, visits to the nearest amusement park… all during those glorious three months when the less you wear, the better. And nothing says summer like the refreshing taste of watermelon. So have a Prime Time Watermelon cigar any time you need a little taste of summer, even if it’s not exactly toasty where you might be. Best part of all? They’re seedless!

Buy Prime Time Little Cigars Watermelon 10×20 Pack Online.  Prime Time Watermelon Little Cigars are some of the best machine-made cigars manufactured in the USA. They have been prepared using the highest quality tobacco which is selected carefully and delivers a mild smoke. The cigars are slow burning and offer a long lasting smoking experience. The small cigars which measure 3 inches in length with a ring gauge of 20 have a sweet flavored filter at the tip.

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