Welcome to our website featuring PrimeTime Little Cigars.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best sources for Prime Time little cigars on the internet.   PrimeTime cigars are long lasting and have the perfect amount of flavoring to excite your taste buds with happiness.  If you have not tried Primetime cigars yet, then “It’s the Right Time for a Primetime”!

“America’s Favorite Flavored Cigars™,” Prime Time is rated one of the best little cigar brands worldwide, and the top seller in the USA and in Canada. Prime Time’s popularity can be contributed to it being the ONLY flavored cigar brand with so many flavor choices, package designs, and eye catching displays — to both the consumer and cigar reseller.  Combined with Primetime’s distinctively smooth taste, it’s easy to see why they are ranked among the best filtered cigars!”

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