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Primetime is dedicated to bringing you the best prices on Prime Time Cigars available online.  Product links will take you to various retail stores on the net with the best prices available for Primetime brand cigars.   Prices advertised and availability are subject to change at any time.  To view the most current up to date price and availability please be sure to click on the Primetime cigar you are interested in.     12.04-13
Welcome to our website featuring PrimeTime Little Cigars and Happy Hour Little Cigars.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best prices on Primetime cigars on the internet.   We are NOT the manufacturer of Primetime Cigars.    PrimeTime cigars are long lasting and have the perfect amount of flavoring to excite your taste buds with happiness.  If you have not tried Primetime cigars then “It’s the Right Time for a Primetime”!  
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Primetimes are smooth and mild tasting with a little splash of sweetness and flavor. Primetime packs are a great value and one of the best little cigars you will taste. It is time you give a Primetime a try! Primetime’s are are little filtered cigars with a nice aroma when smoked.   Primetime cigars are made in the USA!  Always good, always FRESH! CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRICES / ORDER
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Two of lifes pleasures mixed into one! Prime Time Happy Hour cigars combines smooth tobacco with four popular mixed drink flavors to bring you another great smoking experience. It’s the perfect combo to relax and enjoy a little sweetness! In four popular drink flavors: Appletini, Bellini, Cosmo and Piña Colada. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
Primetime Happy Hour Cigars
All that distinctively smooth, mild taste in a stay fresh tube! These Primetime / Happy Hour cigars are packaged in durable air tight individual plastic tubes.   Perfect to carry around in your purse or pocket when you don’t want to lug a whole pack around.  With the individual  tube you are assured a fresh cigar that is not going to be crushed or easily damaged. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
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SPECIAL!!   $35 a carton of 200 cigars!
SPECIAL!!  $19 a carton of 100 cigars!