Prime Time Little Cigars Blueberry


PRIMETIME BLUEBERRY:  Lately we sure have been singing the blues. Not because we’re feeling melancholy, mind you. In fact, we’re downright giddy about the introduction of the newest Prime Time flavor, Blueberry! Yeah, that’s right, that little ball of deliciousness that you’ve always loved in muffins and pancakes is now in your favorite flavored cigars. So, if your same old smoke has gotten you down lately, have one and start singing a different tune!

Buy Prime Time Little Cigars Blueberry 10×20 Pack.  Prime Time Little Blueberry Cigars are infused with a sweet and tangy undertone of blueberry. The cigars are crafted with an all-natural fusion of tobacco styles. The natural wrapper adds a silken texture to the cigar and lets the burning play out steadily. These cigars offer a delightfully mild smoke that will leave you refreshed. The blueberry flavoring in each drag brings up memories of pies and cupcakes.

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