Prime Time Little Cigars Peach


PRIMETIME PEACH:  Plump, juicy, and ripe…PEACHES! Prime Time Peach Little Cigars taste like a real peach.   Open a pack or tube and it’s like you just picked them off the tree. And the taste? Sweet, mild, and mellow as a Georgia spring day.   They packed so much flavor into these, you’ll think you need to wipe the juice off your chin!  Which, as far as we’re concerned, is just peach-y.

Buy Prime Time Little Cigars Peach 10×20 Pack Online.  Prime Time Little Peach Cigars flavor are a favorite amongst veteran and occasional tobacco enthusiasts alike. It is a slow-burning cigar prepared in lengths of 3 inches with a ring gauge of 20. This is a delicious combination for passionate smokers to whom both time and quality matter. The cigars have a sweet filter tip which adds to the flavor of the premium tobacco that has been selected very carefully in order to deliver the best experience.

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