Prime Time Little Cigars Vanilla


PRIMETIME VANILLA:  Vanilla gets a bad rap. What exactly is wrong with being “vanilla?” Vanilla is one of the most loved flavors in the universe! Oh sure, it may not have the trendiness of a blueberry, or the sweet scent of a peach, but that’s the beauty of vanilla. It’s subtle aroma sneaks up on you, and makes you think of Granny’s baking, and homemade ice cream on a sunny Sunday afternoon.   And, you really can’t make a good French toast without it. So, join us, and celebrate being Vanilla!

Buy Prime Time Little Cigars Vanilla Online.  Prime Time Vanilla Little Cigars can make your day with their light smoke and well-defined vanilla flavor. The cigars are created with a blend of choicest tobacco leaves that offer an exhilarating smoking experience. Measuring 3 inches in length with a ring gauge of 20 these cigars make for the perfect mini smoke break. The piquant taste and slow burning nature are all the more reasons to go for a Prime Time cigar smoking experience.

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