Prime Time Little Cigars Raspberry


PRIMETIME RASPBERRY:  How can such a deliciously succulent little fruit spark so much negativity? First, they call this low-brow form of expressing one’s displeasure…pffffffft! a raspberry. We don’t get it.   You won’t either, after you’ve tried Prime Time Raspberry Little Cigars.  With a taste and smell that’s so good you’ll forget all about all that bad stuff, and go straight to your “happy place,” you can bet nobody’s giving these little cigars a Bronx cheer.

Buy Prime Time Little Cigars Raspberry 10×20 Pack Online.  Prime Time Little Raspberry Cigars offers a delectable flavor and an exquisite aroma in every drag. Its slow burning nature allows you to enjoy the ecstasy for an extended period of time. You can feel the quality of tobacco leaves used for the filler when you light them up. The mellow smoke when teamed up with a cup of hot coffee provides a great start to your mornings. The sweet filtered tip also adds an edge to the whole experience.

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